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Offering more than 65,000 sound combinations and virtually unlimited control over how they're mixed, Vavoova helps you easily create a boundless personal soundtrack to accompany you through your day.

Vavoova comes with Zen, our first VavoovaPack authored by acclaimed musician, DJ and producer Andrew "Myagi" Mavor. Zen provides a dense, introspective tapestry of ambient sounds and rhythms designed to help you meditate, chill or simply fall asleep after a stressful day. Plug in your favorite headphones or speakers and Zen will carry you anywhere you want to go.

Vavoova sounds unlike anything else you've heard before, and it's interface is equally unique. Exploring how the app works is just as rewarding as the soundtracks you create, save and share with other owners of Vavoova.

If you've grown weary  of  "white noise" apps, but are looking for something to help you sleep, relax or meditate, you'll love Vavoova!

Here's what our beta testers have said about Vavoova and the Zen VavoovaPack:

"This is the most unusually addicting app I have tried."
"Vavoova is not only fun to use, it's a great tool for meditation."
"I used to use a "white noise" app to fall asleep. Vavoova is far more interesting and never seems to grow old."
"The sounds are totally unique and very relaxing."

Vavoova Zen Edition Features:

  • Create, save, mix and share an unlimited combination of ambient sounds composed by acclaimed Canadian musician, Andrew "Myagi" Mavor
  • Share your favorite settings with other through email or Facebook
  • Sleep timer
  • Wake up alarm

Expand your Vavoova experience with additional VavoovaPacks including the Vavoova Baby and Vavoova Caffeine, soon to be released.

About Vavoova Zen

Vavoova is the product of the imaginations at Point of Vision. To learn more about Point of Vision, visit www.pointofvision.com.

Vavoova Zen was composed by Andrew "Myagi" Mavor, DJ / Producer / Sound Designer. To learn more about Myagi's music visit his label's site at http://www.popandlockrecords.com or on Facebook.

Vavoova and Vavoova Zen Copyright 2010, Point of Vision, Atlanta, GA, All rights reserved.

Vavoova FAQ

How do I use the Sleep and Wake timers?

Click on the green bar at the top of the main screen and set the timer as desired. Pressing "Sleep" will turn Vavoova off quietly at the desired time. Pressing "Wake" will sound an alarm before turning Vavoova off. Press "Return" to save your setting and return to the main screen.

How do I save or load a favorite mix?

Press the top of the flower at the bottom of the main screen. Then, press the heart note on the right. Press the "+" button to save the current entry. Move the chain right or left to select a saved entry and tap on the bead to play it. Press the "-" button to delete the current entry.

How do I share a favorite mix?

Press the top of the flower at the bottom of the main screen. Then, press the heart note on the right. Press the "handshake" button below the chain to select the method by which you would like to share your currently selected Vavoova.

What is a VavoovaPack?

VavoovaPacks are unique sound sets designed to set your mood. To see what VavoovaPack is currently loaded, press the top of the flower at the bottom of the main screen. Then, press the musical note on the left. The currently loaded VavoovaPack will be highlighted. When additional VavoovaPacks are available for download or purchase, you will be able to select them here.

We are currently working on new VavoovaPacks. If you have a suggestion, let us know. If you're a musician and are interested in creating a VavoovaPack, contact us.

Vavoova is not working, how can I get help?

We want each and every Vavoovie to be completely satisfied with their purchase of Vavoova and VavoovaPacks. If you experience a problem, have a suggestion just want to say, "hello," contact us.

Contact Us

Send us an email at support@vavoova.com